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leading people into god's presence

At Emmanuel Fellowship, the worship department's focus is on hosting the presence of God. Everyone that plays an instrument on stage, everyone in the sound booth mixing in house and online, even our team members running lyrics, everyone plays an important role in stewarding God's presence. 

If you're interested in serving on either our Audio/Visual team or our Worship Music team please fill out the form below. If you're interested in auditioning an instrument (including singing) then please email a video of you playing (doesn't have to be fancy, you can shoot it on a smartphone) to 

Prospective candidates will receive a follow-up email requesting an in-person audition.

It's important to understand that every musician on stage wears in-ear monitors, plays to a metronome and has a heart to serve which includes a positive and a welcoming attitude towards correction and direction from our Worship Director.

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Is Worship or Tech the area you want to serve in? Fill out the contact form below. 

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